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Full Version: New OSD for Amber - find a concept
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Hello Bart, Hello togeter,

Bart has indicated, he will sometimes redesign the OSD. This is a great statement and i will like this.

I have some ideas in my mind and before i will create a proposal i will ask the community for some things. The Amber is for all and Bart is the maker and he do this for him and us.

1. What are you using for a remote for control Kodi?
Smartphone (1), TV-remote (2), other remote (3)?

2. How do you Control the Live-TV:
Are you using only the steering buttons (1), or the play button, stop button, pause button (2)?

3. How are you change the Channels? 
Do you go back to the EPG/Channel list (1), or you are using the TV button in the OSD for change the Channels (2)? 
Please answer in this style, example for me:

1. 1,2
2. 2
3. 2