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Full Version: PodCal Plugin for Kodi - Podcasts with more visuals
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Podcast services are quite cluttered around Kodi. What Kodi needs is an advanced podcast system which presents its users with multidimensional features like PodCal. PodCal comes in the form of a podcast app with each media featuring its designated blog post and/or video alternatives. This simply means users can access the same content however they feel to do it all in one app.

How will I achieve this?
Currently, PodCal is under development as Web, Desktop (Windows & Mac), Android and iOS apps. All that is required is to develop plugins and include support for Kodi with my knowledge and experience in NODE and Python. If required, my Java, Kotlin, Dart, C# and many more skills would also enable me create a suitable and compatible system integraton between PodCal servers and Kodi using APIs.

Key objectives of this project
This project is focused on improving the user experience on Kodi via all supported devices and platforms by providing premium podcast services. Users would also be able to connect their favorite podcast channels on the service. So basically, PodCal could be the official podcast handling app within Kodi.

Podcasts are the next best thing and with an increase of about 5 million active users globally, it is very hard to ignore the potentials as a brand. The development of this plugin would benefit Kodi, the developer(s), the podcast creators and their users (the consumers).

Kodi would enjoy an increase in user-base, reputation and based on the requirements, monetization is possible. The developer(s) also enjoys the reputation and recognition. In the long term, we might provide additional features in which creators/users would be required to subscribe to access.

Creators would enjoy a very wide exposure, sponsorship, advertising and other monetization opportunities while the end user get a whole lot of entertaining content from their favorite creators on their favorite platform (Kodi). I can already imagine the fulfillment.

Goals: What is the goal of the project, a project may not always solve the problem entirely as it may take to much time. Think hard about what can be accomplished during a summer with your skill and deduct that quite a bit. If the project can't be done after this perhaps its better to opt for a smaller one or one with subgoals.

What does it touch in Kodi?
The interesting part is that we don't necessarily need to touch or break anything within Kodi as it is an attachment/plugin. I believe as a media player, Kodi already possesses the drivers and software to run our resources. So we are building our system over the existing platform.

  1. Knowledge in NODE and Python languages. Alternatively, Java, Kotlin, Dart and C# might be handy.
  2. Kodi smart boxes, Raspberry Pi, supported hardware and mobile devices.
  3. Adequate research materials, documentations and resources.
  4. Unlimited support, guidance and collaboration with the Kodi Team

Development Background
I started learning web development around 2009 and its been 11 years (from April 2011) since I was fully certified in programming. With over a decade of experience, I have worked on several projects ranging from C#, Java, Python, C++ and so on. I am very fond of solving creative and challenging issues with my programming powers. Currently, I am extending my experience sheet in Computer Sciences with a bachelors degree and a few recognized certificates. Though I am yet to use Kodi on a Linux based system, I have a clear understanding on the system as I have installed it on my android device. Also, I watched numerous DIY videos on Raspberry Pi involving Kodi and have already ordered for a Pi 4 to experiment with.

Possible mentors: Place to add possible mentors (Team-Kodi will add this).
Hey there, nice to have you!

I'm a bit confused is PodCal a company? Are you working for them? Are you affiliated in any way?

(2020-03-31, 18:10)Razze Wrote: [ -> ]Hey there, nice to have you!

I'm a bit confused is PodCal a company? Are you working for them? Are you affiliated in any way?

Hi Razze,

Thanks for reaching out.

PodCal is still an idea under development. I came up with the idea recognizing the need to support podcasters and content creators and have always looked forward to deploying that solution into Kodi.