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Full Version: Movie scans and is identified as another movie, no matter what scraper I use...
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I have a movie titled, "Thunderbird 6" made in 1968, which, when I try to scan into the Kodi library, the scraper keeps identifying and labeling it as "Thunderbirds Are Go" (1968). I have tried both, the tmdb.com and thetvdb.com sites for scraping the movie, and both sites wrongly identify the movie as "Thunderbirds Are Go" (1966), even though both sites have the correct label and artwork for the movie in their database, as you can see from their respective links here:



Any help on fixing this problem would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all in advance.
Rename it to "Thunderbird 6 (1968)" (both the filename and the folder it's in, presuming you're keeping each movie in its own folder) and it should pick it up correctly.

If you need to keep the filename as-is, then go to the context menu and select information and then refresh. It should offer you a list of possible films, and select the correct one.

If not make a parsing NFO (wiki) file in the folder containing the movie with the scraper site URL in it (the moviedb one linked you above) and it should pick it up correctly.

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Try naming it Thunderbird 6 (1968) tt0063694
Thanks everyone. Problem solved by doing DarrenHill's suggestion of creating an nfo file (in the movie's folder) with the link to the movie's tmdb information.
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