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Full Version: FAO developers
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I run RadioFeeds, a comprehensive radio station live webstream directory, listing stations from the UK and Ireland.
As I understand it, due to various reasons with the broadcasters themselves, certain stations may be missing from TuneIn.

Are there any developers on here who would be interested in creating an add-on for Kodi that'll make use of my directory?


Just to add a bit of background.
RadioFeeds has been going since 2001 and is constantly updated to this day.
It's based in the UK so there is plenty of local knowledge when it comes to new stations launching.

RadioFeeds already provides a directory "app" to the Logitech Squeezebox.

I believe users of Kodi would benefit by gaining access to some FM/AM/DAB stations that don't necessarily appear in other, larger directories such as TuneIn.
I think stations such as BBC ones and Global (Capital, Heart, Smooth, Radio X, LBC, Classic FM, etc..) may have pulled their stations from TuneIn to promote their own official apps.

I'd appreciate hearing back from anyone who'd be happy to take this on.
I can provide live XMLs, although OPMLs are already available.
Just a suggestion, but what about approaching the two main existing Radio addons to see if they might integrate your listing, instead of developing a separate addon?

Radio addon https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=119362&page=33 (NB: enen92 is currently supporting the addon, not the OP)

TuneIn addon https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=119315&page=10 (NB: rols1 is currently supporting the addon, not the OP)
Integration would be difficult to do. A few reasons a listed below.
Duplicate streams from two different sources would cause confusion.
I doubt the same level of metadata provided is shared between us.
RadioFeeds has a focus on being able to choose a particular bitrate/codec stream freely by the user.  This may differ to the philosophy of other apps as they may decide that a "smart" choice of stream based on device and bandwidth would be the way to go.
By keeping a clear separation, any dead streams can be reported to the correct and relevant party.

Unless the Radio app can create a sub menu entirely for RadioFeeds, which may look and feel different to the main directory?