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Might be deliberate. Might be a bug. Either way, something has changed in core kodi that's breaking this as of v19. I have a query in the developers forum.

In the meantime, you could cutout the favourites middleman by editing the userdata/profiles/<profile_name>/addon_data/skin.quartz/settings.xml file directly. Easiest way to do that is assign a working favourite then go and change the values. There will be 4 variables per menu shortcut (label, path, icon, etc).

Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope this can be resolved...

Edit: Example addon submenu favourite modded to load a profile

PHP Code:
<setting id="CustomAddons.1.List" type="string"></setting>
setting id="customaddons.1.path" type="string">LoadProfile(User2,return)</setting>
setting id="CustomAddons.1.Label" type="string">Load User2</setting

You can remove the entry for icon. BTW, settings.xml for master profile is in: userdata/addon_data/skin.quartz. hth
thal (that helped a lot)
t (thanks)

I've adjusted the files and now have the profile switching set up in the onscreen menu. 

Hopefully Kodi get this bug sorted as I can't be the only one that uses the favourites 'trick'

Hopefully after that skins start adding the LoadProfile option as a direct menu option (user just selects the profile it switches to from a drop down list)

But for now all ducks in a row and very happy.

(2021-03-01, 18:45)nonJon Wrote: [ -> ] 
(2021-03-02, 00:48)pgdownload Wrote: [ -> ][..] Hopefully Kodi get this bug sorted as I can't be the only one that uses the favourites 'trick'

Bad news mate. It's a "feature" not a bug.
First issues report after the upgrade to 19, so please forgive me if anything of the below has been already reported.

1) Can you please add view options for the weather page? "View options" probably isn't the right name for it, but this is how confluence names the menu when you press the left arrow on the left side of the window (or just the left arrow on the keyboard). The only reason I want this menu to exist is to be able to switch between daily and hourly forecast.

2) Possibly related to the above. In quartz, if you press left or right arrow while at the weather window, the location shows up in the middle, literally out of nowhere! I have no problem having it in the middle of the screen (although it also appears at the bottom right corner between parentheses), but the way it is now it seems like the "box" for it has always beens there, although its text is black, which makes invisible because the rest of the skin is black.
This behavior is also present in kodi 18.x with quartz 5.14.

3) When a video is playing, I press left or right arrow to skip forward/back by 1 min (not the default setting, my preference). Long pressing the arrow makes the video skip more, depending on the time it was pressed, that time is presented right above the progress bar and there is a semi-transparent "trace" on the progress bar itself so as the user will know how much it has skipped. I think that the part in underline was implemented in quartz on one of its last versions for kodi 18.
On kodi 19 however, things are totally different for quartz. There is no time display above the progress bar and no semi-transparent trace on it. Only when I release the arrow key, I get the time it has skipped forward/back above the bar and there is no trace at all. In confluence, the forementioned behavior is the same as in kodi 18. Can you please fix it?

Kodi 19 on debian testing/unstable x64, quartz 5.15 and confluence 4.7.6. Kodi 18.9 with quartz 5.14 is on my other system running libreelex 9.2.6 x64.
And yes, I use no other skin than quartz, I dislike estuary and I fall back to confluence when I want to check something skin related.

Screenshots upon request, because it is not easy to get an image to kodi forums Sad
1) I have no immediate plans to evolve the weather app beyond changes mentioned here. Adding views would require a complete redesign and that's not in the cards at this time. I have a smartphone at my fingertips when weather matters. Wink

2) Will likely change the weather menu to a side-blade style when the aforementioned changes are implemented. Either way the location is displayed in the chosen skin color so I'm not able to reproduce black on black. What skin color and weather service are you using?

3) Seekbar enhancements implemented in the last leia patch have not been rolled into matrix yet. They will be.
I am now using the stock one that quartz has, the one that has light blue letters for the selected stuff. But it happens with other color themes, even with amber lite which is the brightest of them. If it helps, I use no fanart or custom background etc anywhere, so I do not see the beach image that the weather menu has by default. I also use multi-weather as a service now on 19 (and yahoo weather on 18.9).
Leia with default skin color:

Matrix with multi weather and amber color:
This is what I get as well, in both kodi 18 and 19. When that rectangle is not focused at the location but it is on the refresh button, the letters that mention the location become invisible!
And this happens with the image background as well! Shall I upload a screenshot? It is not that annoying, because the location is also mentioned in the bottom right corner.
The location selection menu is supposed to disappear when the refresh button has focus.
Oh, ok then. I didn't know that. Thanks Smile
(2021-03-27, 11:45)nonJon Wrote: [ -> ]3) Seekbar enhancements implemented in the last leia patch have not been rolled into matrix yet. They will be.
Have these enhancements been ported to matrix's version of quartz yet? I am on quartz 5.19.0 and the problem is still there.
I have an installation that I want to upgrade to kodi 19 (libreelec 10) and I do not want to switch to confluence just for that.
(2021-09-06, 16:36)jim_p Wrote: [ -> ]Have these enhancements been ported to matrix's version of quartz yet?

No. Development of 5.19 is on hold until the situation improves with respect to add-on availability and libreelec is ready for rpi 3. The LE 10.0 betta is rpi4 only.

You can transplant the DialogSeekBar.xml file from 5.4.11 to 5.19.0 if you're unwilling to wait.
I understand. I also waited for le 10 to become available for rpi3 the day its stable was released, but it still hasn't.
I am off to do the... transplant and I will report back.

It seems to work. Here is the series of commands I used under linux in case anyone is interested. Kodi should not be running obviously, or at least not set to quartz.
cd .kodi/addons/skin.quartz/16x9/
rm DialogSeekBar.xml
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nonJon/skin.quartz/leia/16x9/DialogSeekBar.xml
Hey @nonJon.  I am still enjoying an excellent skin.  Thank you.  But I was wondering if you might be able to assist me in making one small enhancement in 5.19 (Matrix 19.1)?  I make extensive use of movie sets.  On the "Movies" screen, if you select a movie, it shows the movie's description in the area on the left (using the view that I have selected).  But if you roll over to an item that is a movie set, the description that shows is just "Movie set".  Is it possible to add code so that instead of just "Movie set", I can get the description from the "sets" table, field "strOverview"?
@bfgane, what view are you using?
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