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I reset my LibreELEC to make sure that I had a clean start. Then tested it.

This was with Quartz:


This was with the default theme as a control:

The nfo file:

Album cover:

I don't think I can upload the music video without getting in trouble here but I don't know how that would be the issue...

PPS: I'm going to avoid any further testing until this heat wave breaks.  I don't like how warm my external drive is getting and it's at least 91 degrees with the AC on here right now....
First off let me say a BIG Thank You for porting this skin over to kodi 19,   

Long sort shorted after what feels like months but is more like weeks of looking into things and trying to sort out what would work best, I have come to rest on the quartz skin,  

I have a 5 year old son that is non verbal autistic, I have kodi LibreELEC setup on a Lenovo Think center M93P for him. He cant handle the mini keyboard touch pad controller, So in trying to make things simpler for him, (and his twin brother) i have a Switch Pro controller that i want to make a custom control theme, like the ps4 youtube app that his brother can use with no real problems. (He verbal autistic). This part should be the easy one for me to sort out.. its my main list of things, i am not sure where to start,  I am over 40 now and i use to make webpages and flash content way back in the day so i am not completely lost when viewing the code. But extremely out of practice. I use to edit my xbmc installs when i use to do modding years ago. 

The main things i would like to do accomplish: 
Move the main menu to top of the screen.
Have all media load dynamically below based on selection 
Be able to add add-ons to the main menu IE YouTube, Hulu, Disney +  exec …
And Setup some sort of lock so he can't adjust settings by mistake( this will no be the last thing to happen on the list i am going to assume this will take some time)

Any Sort of help or direction that anyone could provide would be helpful. 

Thank you

Long sort shorted = Long story shorted 

Side note Is there a way to edit a post?
Hi @nonJon 

Now that Kodi development on Nexus has moved to "beta", I am keen to know if you need to do any work to allow Quartz to continue to function as the wonderful skin that it is, on this next version of Kodi?  I know that there are new skin features, but are any of the changes "breaking"?

Any news about quartz on kodi 20? It was released as stable today and it will reach my distro's repo in a couple of days, which means that by the end of the week my kodi 19.5 installation will be "force upgraded" to 20. I do not want to be the tester again, especially for something whose development stopped almost 3 years ago and there are no signs of continuing...
As I just came to find this skin works perfectly for my usage with Kodi, would like to add my voice hoping this skin continues on in 20. Simple, yet elegant wins the day.
@bfgane @jim_p @christoofar

FYI, a nexus specific version of quartz will be available from the official kodi repo any minute now.
Excellent! Although, my ShieldTV updated to Nexus, and the Matrix skins seems to be fine so far.
Thanks for all that you do.
How can I (re?-)enable the views I have disabled under settings > interface > configure skin > views? Right now, all I can enable is fanart view 1 and fanart view 2.
I love list mode, since ever, on any skin, and somehow I have disabled all other views and, within quartz's specific settings, the all the views related options (excluding the 2 forementioned ones) are greyed out!
But now I need to check if an addon returns an information value, so I have to check all other views as well.
@jim_p, uncheck Settings>Skin>Advanced>Adjust settings for low performance devices
Thanks, it worked. However, if I exclude the fanart views for which I do not care, I only get list and icons, nothing else.
That happens on youtube's search results, because I want to check if the youtube addon returns some info on any specific view. And the same happens on other addons' main menus.
On the other hand, I can select between list, big list and icons under e.g. video addons. So what am I doing wrong?
Disabling views is used internally by quartz specifically for movie/tv navigation. I'm not able to comment on how those settings will, or will not, effect add-ons.
Ok then, I will try confluence. I tried it before asking about the missing ones on quartz, but it had a few views available too Sad
Can an addon itself limit the available views?

1) Do you have plans to add logos for eac3 / DolbyDigital+, hevc / h265 ?
For DTS-HD (not Master) logo is the same as for Master Audio.
Also for MP2 the logo is the same as for MP3. Rather it shoul be MPEG-Audio

2) Is it possible to make the division of the screen for left and right columns for the list view not 50% each, but e.g. 33% and 66%? It would be best to add a split factor in the skin options.

P.S. Very nice and simple skin. I like it.
(2023-06-02, 20:56)tele Wrote: [ -> ]1) Do you have plans to add logos for eac3 / DolbyDigital+, hevc / h265 ?
For DTS-HD (not Master) logo is the same as for Master Audio.
Also for MP2 the logo is the same as for MP3. Rather it shoul be MPEG-Audio

I made changes to file "Textures.xbt" (from "Kodi/addons/skin.quartz/media" folder) - added missing logos and fixed some oldest, make them look visually better.
Could You include it for next update?

Everyone else can test it too. Just replace old file with new one.
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