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(2023-06-03, 13:25)tele Wrote: [ -> ]
(2023-06-02, 20:56)tele Wrote: [ -> ]1) Do you have plans to add logos for eac3 / DolbyDigital+, hevc / h265 ?
For DTS-HD (not Master) logo is the same as for Master Audio.
Also for MP2 the logo is the same as for MP3. Rather it shoul be MPEG-Audio

I made changes to file "Textures.xbt" (from "Kodi/addons/skin.quartz/media" folder) - added missing logos and fixed some oldest, make them look visually better.
Could You include it for next update?

Everyone else can test it too. Just replace old file with new one.

Welcome to the forum. Not sure if you intended to post in the Matrix thread but this version of the skin is no longer supported. That said you need to show your work for me to consider incorporating it. What exactly has been changed or added? Continuity matters so new/altered badges will need to appear similar to existing ones (e.g., have a border around them).

I wrote on GitHub: https://github.com/nonJon/skin.quartz/pu...1619010407
I uploaded the files there too. The best way to find what's new it's probably to make a new branch and GH will show what has changed.

File "textures.xbt" has packed files in - but if you wish, I can send raw files too.

From SOME badges I deleted border around them, because in my opinion they look betters without. Everything looks very nice now. I hope you'll like too.

I tested for several days, on PC and Android TV, to find as many bugs as possible. But You'll probably have to test it yourself, to see what it looks like. Just unpack files and replace with originals.
The files matches to Matrix and Nexus versions, and possibly also Leila.

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