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Full Version: Kodi Display Resolution Causes Retroplayer Lag
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I setup a firestick 4k with Kodi, Retroplayer and IAGL and couldn't understand why I was getting input lag even on SNES/NES games. I eventually found I had set Kodi's display resolution to 4K, when I changed this to 1080p it worked perfectly. I guess it was upscaling all the way to 4K but 1080P or lower to the TV would be fine, the TV would upscale no issue.

Is there a way to force a resolution change on launching a core? I could see it catching others out.

I note the videoplayer has an option "Adjust display refresh rate" which you can set to on start/stop . Despite its name it does actually change the resolution on start stop of the video. So you can run Kodi interface in 1080p and if you play 4K content it will switch resolution up.
Thanks for the data point about 4k having a larger input latency than 1080p. We'll look into this.
Are you sure it was only input lag and not low framerate?

If you're not sure how to tell: Is the motion less smooth in general when in 4k, or is it only the input that's laggy?