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Full Version: Kodi add-ons installation failed
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Hi all,
I have just installed Kodi UWP from Microsoft Store on my new Windows 10 PC but as soon as I started it I got errors for most of default add-ons:
ADD-ON Installation failed
ADD-ON Failed to install a dependency

Can you please help me?
Thanks in advance!  Smile

I hereby enclosed the log file from the first session:
Log file

And a screenshot of Event Log inside Kodi:

No updates here?
Support for Kodi UWP is somewhat limited right now.

Would you mind uninstalling the UWP App and then install the .exe version from https://kodi.tv/download.
Just select Windows/Installer 64 bit, it will download Kodi 18.6 in the form of an executable.
Run that executable and it will re-install Kodi. Choose all defaults.
Report back.
The .exe version does not fail in installing the add-ons! Moreover I found out that Kodi UWP works as well if I move it to drive C:

Now I am wondering why Kodi UWP give errors on another disk partition while all other Microsoft Apps works correctly...
It is a valid question but UWP apps can be extremely restrictive as far as where the data should or should not be written.
The good news here is that your problem seems solved.