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Full Version: Sega roms .bin will open with nes emulator
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Hi i have a raspberry pi 4 running libreelec with kodi leia.
I installed the picodrive emulator that in the wiki says that have support for .bin among others when i try to open a .bin file of a sega rom kodi offers me an atari or game boy emulator.
In the addon file for picodrive (game.libretro.picodrive) the addon.xml 

  <extension point="kodi.gameclient" library_linux="game.libretro.picodrive.so">
    <platforms>Genesis|Game Gear|SEGA Master System|Sega CD|Megadrive|Mega CD</platforms>

there is a way to change the list of emulators i can choose for certain extension?
Today I am faced with the same issue.
In my case this happen because bin-files is stored on network drive accessed by NFS share.
When I'd moved bin-files in local drive - all appears as should: On bin-file selection, dialog-box with emulator list contain desired sega emulator, and bin-file start playing.