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Full Version: include IMDB as an option to download missin Artwork
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As a spanish user, I use to scrap all my movies with TMDB and not IMDB.  However, some posters are avaible in IMBD and not in TMDB, so when I finish my scrap, I select movies without images and go to the option of "download missing artwork for selected movies" (or whatever it says, since I have TMM in spanish a well).

I have realized in that feature that it only look for pictures in KyraAnimated, Fanart.tv, Themoviedb.org, but it does't show there IMDB, which it is always a good option to dowload missing artwork.

Do you think it is possible to include IMDB in there?

Thanks in advanced.
well imdb is just a "meta data provider" and nothing that can offer images (like the other artwork scrapers can do)... But I can try to include imdb just for posters
Thank you very much!  I really would appreciate.

Right now, the only way I have realized to get those posters is:
1.  I scrap with TMDB
2.  I scrap again with IMDB for those movies that have not poster
3.  I re-scrap again with TMDB once the poster image has been downloaded from IMBD, so I can have all the information again from TMDB

Being able to download poster image from IMDB when selecting "download missing artowork for selected movies" will definitely save a lot of time for non english speakers.

TMDB is an open website. If artwork is missing you can contribute and upload it 

Spanish: Si faltan imágenes en TMDB ¿por qué no las subes tú de IMDB y así nos beneficiamos todos?
I had never considered it, but if it is as you say, I will try to figure out how to do it just for some cases. 

(2020-04-25, 15:07)mlaggner Wrote: [ -> ]But I can try to include imdb just for posters

That would be awesome. If implemented, I will re-scrape all my posters from IMDb. As TMDb has recently deleted a lot of posters for some "maintenance", I need to rebuild posters in my collection with working URLs.
(2020-05-01, 03:48)tars Wrote: [ -> ]I will re-scrape all my posters from IMDb
That is not a wise choice. The posters on IMDB are terrible. There is no quality control, no standard resolution or aspect ratio. IMDB is not known for its "artwork".
Well, for me IMDb is way better and more reliable source for posters since I prefer an original theatrical release poster in original language to just good-looking pictures that are abundant in TMDb and fanart.
In that regard Wikipedia is more reliable source for the originality of posters, but the images they use are too small. So I just double check with it to see if IMDb poster is a right one for important movies.
Occasionally IMDb does have wrong/bad posters that need to be replaced but I'm satisfied with theirs for more than 95% of movies.
ok, should be doable with a future version