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Full Version: Backround,Backdrops and Folder backrounds in Back-Row.
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Hello,just another inexperienced XBMC user here.I have Looked through the forums to find my answer but can't find it anywhere.
I tried to change the back-round Image for Back-row.The issue I have is The Image don't show.I have tried to re-size it like in Aeon with no good results.I also have tried to set the folder image also.The issue I ran into their was the Image didn't even show when I browsed with the skin setting"set back-round folder.
I am thinking maybe I have to have a certain size and a certain file format but have gotten nowhere.The Image shows up in the little window for the Image back-round but not on the main page.Also like I said the folder Image don't show anything in the folder whats so ever.No
I tried also to make a sub-folder with no luck also.Thanks in advance!!!!
It's already fixed. Update.
Thanks,and just did that.All the backrounds work now except movies after the update.Also still have the same problem with folder images not showing up in set up movies backround folder.
Got it.Thanks!