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Full Version: Hardware Based MVC 3D not working on Xbox One
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I recently installed Kodi onto my Xbox One X. I have a bunch of 3D blu-rays I've ripped straight to MKV that I would like to play through the Xbox. The Xbox is connected to an Epson 5050UB projector through an Onkyo TX-NR686 receiver. When I attempt to play one of my 3D mkv rips and select Hardware based, the projector switches to 3D mode, I get full audio through the receiver but I get a black image on screen. Am I missing some kind of configuration or setting? Is this supposed to work?
An interesting note, if I hit the Xbox guide button and have the Xbox UI overlaid on top of kodi, the screen renders no problem. The projector is still running in 3D mode when this happens and I can see the movie (albeit grayed out) playing in the background, presumably in 3D. I also discovered if I enable hardware based stereoscopic 3D for the UI, I get the same result (totally black image). 3D blu-rays work just fine on this Xbox so I know its not to do with the hardware.
Any ideas?