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Full Version: Many movies missing
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Hello. I imported a directory of movies and many, many movies were not 'picked up'. I changed scraper thinking it would work in addition and possibly identify movies missed with the first scraper. Unfortunately it saw even less movies. Is this a common problem? If it was just a few movies I could add them manually but it is quite a few.


It can be a common problem if your folder and file names are terrible.

Provide a Debug Log which captures an Update library and we should see what the problem is.

Also check item 1d here... https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=336969
Well now I have exposed my dirty little secret to the Kodi world...my video files are a mess. Quite a few do not conform to accepted naming conventions. I had hoped the magical scrapers would be able to  identify the movies somehow anyway.  Renaming everything will be quite the chore, however, at least I'd get a decent payoff.

If it was only a chore like mowing the lawn, I could hire a neighbourhood kid to do it.

thanks for the reply