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Full Version: Problem with TV series, double episode files and auto renaming
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I have a new file like "Heroes.S04E01E02E02.mkv" that's not in the EMM library
When I "Update Library" then Episode is scraped and the file is renamed (I have the Renamer module enabled with these settings):

The file is renamed to: "Heroes.S04E01E02E02.Orientation - Jump, Push, Fall - Jump, Push, Fall.mkv"
and it appears like this in the list:

All three occurances refers to the old file: Heroes.S04E01E02E02.mkv

Next time I do an "Update Library" I get new instances of the file:

AND the file is renamed to "Heroes.S04E01E02E02.Orientation - Jump, Push, Fall - Jump, Push, Fall.mkv"
so the episode name of the second episode is just appended to the file - so it's there twice AND the second episode number is there twice as well.

The three NEW (green) occurrences actually refers to the new file name "Heroes.S04E01E02E02.Orientation - Jump, Push, Fall - Jump, Push, Fall.mkv"

The third time I "Update Library" I do not get new occurrences since I now have the episodes pointing to the actual file.
What am I doing wrong?
This only happens to me for double episodes.

Log here
Delete the episode NFO, rename it properly to "Heroes.S04E01E02.mkv" and run the db update again.
Renamed to "Heroes.S04E01E02.mkv" and Updated Library again and EMM found two new eposides.
File is renamed to "Heroes.S04E01E02.Orientation - Jump, Push, Fall.mkv" but in EMM both episodes refers to the old filename: "Heroes.S04E01E02.mkv"

The I Update Library again and two "new" episodes are found:
They both refer to:

Then I Update Library again and no new episodes are found. So I have to do this twice before it actually works. Strange. 
Log here
I've to check that tomorrow.