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Full Version: A/V issues with running Kodi 18.6 on an XBox One X
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Dear All,

I've been trying to run Kodi 18.6 on my XBox One X for the last couple of days, but keep running into problems. My requirements are relatively basic:
- 1080p is sufficient as I only have an old Full HD TV connected
- No AVR, so again simple stereo will do
- I'd like to watch Live-TV from my NAS/TVheadend backend
- I'd like to watch movies and series from my NAS vis SMB

Watching Live TV stutters, playing movies produces green-screens and massive stutter. I've tried to deactivate DVX2 hardware acceleration, tried software rendering, then the sound goes away.

I'll be happy to post debug logs, if somebody is willing to look into that. But I also know that UWP devs have been very rare recently. Therefore first things first: Is anybody running Kodi in a similar setup and actually happy with it? Or is it "just broken" for the time being?

Any insights appreciated...
I am running kodi on xbox one x with 4k tv.
I can confirm the green screen in any video i am running.
4k content from my library run pretty bad, most of the times it just stuck when trying to start 4k movie or jump to another time in movie.

The real issue is like you said, there is not enough uwp devs...

I hope they will give us some update with fixes becsuse the green screen and the 4k playback gives the feelings its broken.
Thanks for your response. Then it is at least two of us...   :-)

I thought some more about this: Maybe there is no dev to fix UWP-specific problems, maybe there will be. Maybe the issues are not UWP-specific. Then it might still be worthwhile to report them. And if nothing else, at least our observations might provide some visibility on issues for others with a similar setup. Documenation cannot be wrong...

As such, I've deleted Kodi 18.6 from my XBox, reinstalled it and started from scratch. Here where I am:

XBox Settings:
- Resolution: 1080p (max for my Full HD TV)
- Video Mode:
   * Allow 50 Hz: Enabled
   * Allow 25 Hz: Enabled
   * Allow YCC 4:2:2: Enabled <- This is NOT default, but I found recommendations on the internet to enable this 
- Video quality:
   * Color depth: 24 bits per pixel (8 bit)
   * Color space: Standard (recommended)
   * Apps can add their own frames: Enabled

Kodi 18.6 settings:
- Clean install, with default video and audio settings
- Added TVH client
- Added SMB virutal file system and NAS video sources
- Installed Log Uploader Addon
- Activated debug logging
- Restarted Kodi

Test Results:
- Kodi launches ok and imports the EPG guide from the backend
- Starting Live-TV HD channel: Runs fine (this is unusual actually, but see below) -> Stopped the channel again.
- Starting Live-TV SD channel: Runs fine (I found with ealier tests that - unlike HD channels - SD channels usually run fine) -> Stopped the channel again.
- Starting same Live-TV HD channel as before: Heavy stuttering and distortions in the picture, audio continues to run fine -> Stopped the channel again.
- Starting a HD movie from my NAS: Runs fine -> Stopped it again
- Went into the log uploader to upload the log
- Exited Kodi and Kodi would not exit cleanly (happened before, but randomly) -> Closing Kodi through the XBox menu worked

Debug log:

I can keep the setup and will be happy to run further tests and provide log files as needed. If you have any idea how to advance here, please do let me know...

Dear @fritsch, I know you are no Windows dev and very unlikely to venture into this part of the forum, but you certainly do know the Videoplayer very well. If you have some time and could take a look, is there anything you see in the logs?
Deactivating Hardware Acceleration (DXVA2) seemed to improve the situation. Ran a couple of tests. Neither stuttering, nor green screens for the time being. The picture quality is ok, but not very good, especially upscaling SD and deinterlacing (substantially inferior to my N2 running CE, or my old NUC running LE). Changing deinterlacing from bilinear to Lanczos3 helped somewhat. I'll continue observing and reporting how it goes...
More insights based on further incremental tests to improve video quality:

Don'ts for my setup (might differ for other setups) 
- Activating "Adjusting display refresh rate" lead to video stutter and delays in starting videos, so I kept it off
- If I activate "Sync playback to display", which would have been logical as I don't need passthrough, audio stops working, so I kept it off

Do's for my setup:
- Changing the default refresh rate to 50 Hz, instead of 60 Hz, did improve TV picture quality (I live in a PAL country)
- Whitelisting only 1080 resolutions and blacklisting lower ones helped significantly as Kodi does a better job upscaling to 1080 (the max resolution in my setup) than the old plasma TV. Hey, I finally understand why whitelisting can be such a great feature for corner cases. 

With these settings and workarounds, things have started to stabilize for me. I think I can live with that...

But again, if any dev is interested in debug logs, just let me know what scenario you want me to test and I'll happily provide them...