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Full Version: TMDB API call failing with code 404
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When i try to update my Movie and TV show library the scanning halts abruptly even though there are new TV shows.

The main error in the log is
2020-05-09 19:48:52.196 T:2236   ERROR: NEWADDON Unknown Video Info Key "progress"
2020-05-09 19:49:02.482 T:4952   ERROR: Previous line repeats 7 times.
2020-05-09 19:49:02.482 T:4952  NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Starting scan ..
2020-05-09 19:49:04.670 T:4952   ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 404 for https://api.tmdb.org/3/tv/102896?api_key...en,en,null:
2020-05-09 19:49:04.670 T:4952   ERROR: ADDON::CScraper::Run: Unable to parse web site

here is the full log.  FullLog

It started a few days ago and i haven't made any changes to Kodi

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Please enable Debug mode, so we can see the real error.