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Full Version: Unable to change thread ratings
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When I mouseover most thread ratings, I see the option to select 1-5 starts.  I don't recall ever intentionally rating a thread.  However, on this thread, it simply shows me what the current rating is without an option to select one:

I suspect that I inadvertently pressed a rating when scrolling through the thread on my phone.  Unfortunately, I am unable to tell which rating I gave it and I am also unable to revoke that rating.  Is it possible to provide this ability to users?  If not, could a moderator undo my rating for that thread?
sadly, our forum software offers no tools to manage thread ratings.
moderators can not see who rated or what rating was given.
Thread ratings (stars) have entirely disappeared for me. Anyone else have this problem?

Edit: Likewise the option to pm users is MIA. Weird.

Edit2: Ok, I am seeing the the pm option for some users so obviously mistaken there. Seemed more ubiquitous than now, however.
(2020-06-29, 15:50)nonJon Wrote: [ -> ]Thread ratings (stars) have entirely disappeared for me. Anyone else have this problem?

the feature has been disabled and won't be coming back.
the ratethread functionality turned out to be a popular attack vector amongst hackers.
we recently noticed around 50 incoming ratethread requests per seconds (day in, day out), causing a high cpu load on the server that's hosting the forum.

as for PM, the PM functionality becomes available to users once have been around for some time / have a certain post count.
therefor you won't see a PM button on posts made by users who do not match this criteria.