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Full Version: Multi-language parsing .nfo process improvement
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Many users use Kodi movies/videos with multi-languages. Mainly English + another one or more.
Unfortunately to fill the library, only one language at a time can be set. All the movies will be scraped in the same language.
The workaround is to separate the sources by languages; not very easy.

As far as I understand, "Video source > change content > Settings > Preferred language" takes precedence over the parsing .nfo file with the complete URL link.
By complete URL, I mean URL for the movie + language.  See https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=352169
Even with a language in the URL, the preferred language will be selected !
This means that this part of the URL is removed et replaced by the preferred one.

I didn't see any proposal about that, so I would propose to add a setting in the setting page with:
- Scrap the DB with .nfo language .................. Yes/No
If Yes the fallback will be the preferred language

Is it very hard to code? Is it possible to get it in a next version?
Thank you