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Full Version: kodi retroplayer psx .bin not loading on network storage
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hi i have a problem with retroplayer in kodi. I set up all my roms on a NAS with SMB connection. I loaded my NES roms without problem, but as soon as I try to play my PSX roms in .bin it tells me error. If I start the same roms on the system disk it's fine.
could you solve it
This feature is called "loading from VFS". VFS is the virtual file system Kodi uses for network shares. You can see which cores support loading from VFS here: https://kodi.wiki/view/Game_add-ons#Libretro_cores

As you can see, neither PSX cores support loading from VFS. This is a core limitation, and can't be fixed by Kodi - VFS support needs to be added in the core.