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Full Version: [WINDOWS] Unofficial third-party nightly builds for the community (Notification only)
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Note! The only officially supported version of XBMC for Windows is the one provided here:
Official Download

However, the developers have no problem with third-party builders posting incremental third-party builds, and since we don't have much time to give back as much as we'd like, we think this would help and it seems the the developers agree. As such, below you will find various links to such builds.

Read the following link if you have an issue with one of these SVN builds.
HOW-TO post about a problem in a useful manner.

Use separate threads for postings bugs and use the TRAC system to file them properly for developers to look at.

There are currently two build options for the windows version. A DirectX build and an OpenGL build. The DirectX build is the default build and the only officially supported build for Windows from this point forward. 3rd Party Builders, however, are free to build the OpenGL build for as long as they choose and it happens to exist. Use the OpenGL version at your own risk. I am currently no longer providing the GL builds.

Kay.one has made Automatic update client for XBMC. Latest builds are posted to the ftp server that this updater uses. You can still update manually from the links posted in this thread if you like, but the updater application makes it much easier.

Quote:It basically downloads the latest third-party build and updates your local installation, with option to do the update without any user intervention.

kricker builds;
Main trunk builds.

zipped builds;
These are for manual upgrade, and are the same builds used by XBMCUpdater client.

For all these builds:
If you want to know what has changed between builds or if a particular bug has been fixed, check out the GitHub page.
Upped Rev16701 (includes the second part of the RTMP patch, grouping for Mythtv client)
Upped Rev16744 including the missing .dll files from now on (after speaking with wiso)
Upped Rev16798 includes another ffmpeg update thanks to AreaScout
Upped Rev16816
Uppd Rev16846 Smile
Upped Rev16853 Smile
Upped Rev16859
Jester Wrote:Upped Rev16859
I don't Know why but for some reason my CPU is around 85-99% with the last 2 buildsHuh
upped Rev16863
Upped Rev 16867
Jester Wrote:Upped Rev 16867
Nice I don't know what you did but runs good SD movies CPU is around 1-5% and HD(1080P) is around 25-55%. nice keep up the good work guysCool
Upped Rev16877 Smile
Upped Rev16885
Upped Rev16891