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Full Version: Custom Context Menu items?
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I think the context menu is non-skin related, so here goes:

when i'm browsing my video files, i can hit 'c' to display the context menu...

There are a number of options in there including 'Add to Favourites', 'Add to Queue', 'Go To Root', etc....

Now, I want to add/remove some of these options.... I know the actual strings are stored in strings.xml but I cant seem to find where these are being called... If i take out the label in strings.xml, the button goes blank but is still clickable... Is there a way I can altogather remove a button, for example remove 'Go To Root' option from the context menu ??

thanks in advance !
They are hardcoded into xbmc you can't remove them without editing and recompiling the source code
Where in the source code are the context menu items?

Thanks in advance