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Full Version: Studio Icons - Coloured add studio logo
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Hi all,

Is there anyone that can help get getting a studio logo added to the addon Studio Icons - Coloured?

The logo for Saban Films is not part of the collection yet, I found a logo I'm only not sure about the image properties requirements, how it should be added and who to approach to ensure it will be added and updated so everyone can enjoy this update.


Image properties are detailed here... https://github.com/XBMC-Addons/resource....-464534085

If you have a github account, you can create a PR to have it added for the next release.
I will use this post to report that the arrow films logo is available on the white studio icons but not on the colored.
What's it "PR" ?
(2023-05-02, 15:30)Slim999 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,
What's it "PR" ?
PR = "pull request" refers to how the code for Kodi is managed using a tool called "Git" on the github.com website.  The idea is changes are proposed via the PR which allows for collaboration with the maintainers in case of questions or issues.  If/when accepted the PR code changes are "merged" with the existing code as one or more discrete code units called "commits".

The preferred process for this addon is for you to get your own account on github.  Once you have that you can browse to https://github.com/XBMC-Addons/resource....s.coloured which I believe is where changes are made before updating the actual Kodi repo-resources. On that page you can use the "clone" button to create a complete copy on your personal account. You make all proposed changes on your clone. Best way is to create a new "branch" based on the master branch (so if needed you can sync your clone master branch to the "upstream" one). Make all your proposed changes to files on this new branch and github will create the PR for you to submit to the "upstream" for review. You probably find doing your revisions easier on your computer rather than trying to directly modify the files on your github account. There are tools to do this. If on windows or mac you might look at "github desktop". It provides a nice gui so you don't have to master "Git" commands.

scott s.