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Full Version: Multiuser Support Ubuntu/Mint Simple IPTV
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Hello world, I'm testing Kodi 18.7 on Linux Mint 19.3

as written I did the installation for IPTV:

sudo apt-get install kodi-pvr-iptvsimple

and it works!

After changing to another user, it does not work and it is not offered to activate.

What I in the meantime tried, but still not work:
  1. reinstall, deinstall, new install iptvsimple
  2. copy ~/.kodi
Someone any idea?
This problem still persists but in the meantime I'm quite sure it must be a problem of Linux Mint (at the moment 20, Mate).

At the moment no pvr-client is offered in the kodi-menu even some are successfully installed (according to https://kodi.wiki/view/Ubuntu_PVR_add-ons).

I do use Kodi on Linux Mint only to test and explore it, my main (and favourite) OS for Kodi is LibreElec, actually on normal PC/Dualboot and RPi 2 (sic!) and tomorrow I start with RPi 4b