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Full Version: A flaw with IMDb scraper in detecting matching movies
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If multiple movies with the same title were released in the same year, IMDb scraper shows only one in the pick-up list.
Try with any of those common movie titles like "Love", "Dream", "Boy", or "Girl" and notice the scraper picks up and show only the first one for each year if multiple movies have the exactly same title.
I think it should give the second highest scores to the rest of the same-title-same-year movies for choosing rather than completely excluding them from the list.
I think this is a rather serious bug as it fails to show lots of movies in the selection list.
If you don't understand, try scraping this movie: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6706616
For now, you have to scrape with TMDb first or enter IMDb id manually for such movies.
just found it - this has come from a very uncommon constellation, but is definitely a bug since Java behaves strange in this case Wink will be fixed in the next release
Yes, it's fixed now. Thanks a lot!