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Full Version: How to get Kodi Music to list recent albums correctly?
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I find it frustrating that Kodi music lists recent album additions from years ago first and once added in the last week are nowhere to be seen.

Is there a setting somewhere to control this?

I'm going to assume you are using v18.7
There are known flaws with the Recently Added Albums node, as discussed elsewhere on this forum. It is based on album ID, and  on adding a new album it will have the highest ID. However, on rescanning after changes have been made to the music files (and on some systems that has been caused by clock change) the rentires get deleted and recreated giving albums the id order in which they were scanned.

There are changes in v19 that will solve this issue, in fact a PR that you could test https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/18026

In the meantime what you can do in v18 is use an album node and sort the items by dateadded. The dateadded values for albums (what makes them "recent") come for the earliest dateadded value for the songs of that album. The user has some control over what the songs dateadded values are by adding a <dateadded> tag to the <musiclibrary> section of advancedsettings.xml

There are 3 options:
0 - use the scanned date as the dateadded - rescan music files you have had for years and it will show as new.
The other options use file timestamp:
1 - using the files mtime (if valid) and only using the ctime if the mtime isn't valid <- this is the default
2 - using the newer datetime of the file's mtime and ctime

Note that ctime varies cross platform, on Windows it is the file creation time, but on Linux it is the last time that the metadata (permissions etc.) were modified. This way older files will show as old, but edit your tags, move files etc. and rescanning will show them as recent.

I hope that is helpful. Better coming with v19.
@DaveBlake The default setting is 1 isn't it, not 0 ?  https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/blob/Leia/x...s.cpp#L307  So last modified date if it's valid or ctime if it's not.
You are right, I've been staring at this too long! I will correct my post
(2020-06-14, 10:27)DaveBlake Wrote: [ -> ]There are changes in v19 that will solve this issue

Thank you Dave! Nice fix.

Is this in latest v19 alpha builds? If so I’ll give it a test run soon.
(2020-06-15, 07:15)HomerJau Wrote: [ -> ]Is this in latest v19 alpha builds? If so I’ll give it a test run soon.
PR still waiting review and testing (it does more than fix the recent albums node), I can get test builds up for some platforms
(2020-06-15, 16:09)DaveBlake Wrote: [ -> ]I can get test builds up for some platforms

I could test a Windows build. I also have two LibreElec and one CoreElec devices, but I guess Windows is easier. No rush Dave.

Thanks again for all your work!