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Full Version: Is there a screen saver with "random order" which filters already displayed pictures?
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I'm looking for an "advanced" version of the Kodi Picture Slideshow Screensaver (V 5.0.9) : It should not show already displayed pictures for (e.g.) at least one week. Why? I have > 15.000 pics but theĀ Picture Slideshow Screensaver shows me very often the same pictures. I already tried to find a other screen saver, no success. Any suggestion for me?

Thank you!

Addendum 2020-06-16: For all readers which may also want such a feature: Push the "thumbs up" button or let a comment. May be I will then (if enough interested users exist) submit a CR.
Over 1000 views and nobody has a tipp or is interested to get an improved screensaver. One year ago I could not imagine that my wish is such special ...