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Full Version: Kodi v18.7 closes/crashs...
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Not sure what is causing this to happen. When I turn off my TV, then turn it back on, Kodi closes or crash's about the time I'm turning the TV back on. I literally seeing it disappear just as the desktop become visible.

I've ruled out a remote issue by using the physical power button on the TV to turn it off and on. You'll notice in the log that kodi only ran for about 22 sec's. Just long enough for me to start kodi with debug logging already on, wait a few sec's to make sure it was fully booted up. Then turn the TV off, wait a few sec's and turn in back on.

EDIT: It's also happening when I change the TV's Input Source.

EDIT 2: It's been 31 days since I posted this. 265 views, 0 reply's. I can reproduce this all day long. This is not something that use to happen. Am I the only one who has experienced this?

Debug Log

EDIT 3:  256 days, with 660 views, 0 replys Undecided  Might as well delete this thread if there's no hope of getting help. Hell, it's been so long, the link to the debug log doesn't even work anymore Rolleyes