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Full Version: convert mac osx icons to PNG
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i came across a website with some awsome looking icons, but they are all for mac
is there a way to convert them to pngs? preferably a windows app
axialis icon workshop does the trick. but its no freeware. and usually u have to extract em with stuffit before use. which sometimes messes things up. but there are numerous websites out there with mac osx icons alerady converted to 128x128 pngs. i tried some of my bookmarks but they seem to be outdated since its been a while. usually these sites are conected to sites that support mobydock yzdock and similar.
i'm don't have much graphic experince but i'm pretty sure acd system's acdsee, and jasc's paint shop pro can do it, or? check 30-day trail
i tried axialis icon workshop
but i am guessing stuff it screwed up the icon files. none of them had extentions, so axialis can't recognize the icons
is there an alternative way to extract them?
sweet, thanks!