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Full Version: bulk mark as having a hardcoded sub
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Can you add a bulk-edit command item to mark movies with hardcoded subtitles?
I know I can enter such information into subtitle section under media files tab with editor, but it's too much work to do it one by one when you have lots of such movies.
Yes, just ticking the "forced" box in subtitle section would be enough since the only practical purpose of this is, at least for me, to remove the check mark in subtitle column for those movies.
well, is the forced subtitle detected by mediainfo or has it to be added too?
I am referring to hard-coded subtitles that's burnt into video images which can't be detected by mediainfo.
It doesn't matter whether it uses "forced" box or something else as long as marking it removes the check mark in subtitle column.
But I noticed that subtitle information added manually into media files tab disappears when the movie is re-imported to the database even though NFO files still has the internal subtitle information. Probably because the file info in the database is supplied only by mediainfo ignoring NFO? 
So it would be great if you can address this issue as well. If not, then I will have to add some tag or user note to those movies when marking it.