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Full Version: TinyMediaManager 3.1.6 hanging on "Getting Mediainfo"
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Released TinyMediaManager 3.1.6 hanging on "Getting Mediainfo" when I try to "Update source(s)".  I can let it run all night and it never progresses.  System configuration is below.  I've tried re-installing, but it still hangs.  The drive the media being searched is a NAS drive connected through 1 GbE switch.    The mapped drive is excluded from Microsoft Defender Antivirus.  I have confirmed that the only application using network and CPU resources is TinyMediaManager when the "Getting Mediainfo" is hung.  I do however see TinyMediaManager Network read BW usage up at +700Mbps (88 MBps) in TaskManager.   What is odd, I installed the nightly update TinyMediaManager 3.1.7 (2020-06-25) with the exact same settings and do not experience any such hangs.  Anyone with a pointer on how to get this going on the released version? 

Window 10 2004 (OS build 19041.329)
Java 32-bit V8 Build 251
TinyMediaManager 3.1.6