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Full Version: How do I "get out" of a playing song and back to the library list without stopping?
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If I start music playback, I can continue to use the library and maybe click another song to switch what is playing.

If I click the "<* options" in the left hand side bar then click the "northsoutheastwest" icon I see the music vis full screen..

..but I can't find a way to "get out" of this and back to the song list without clicking stop on the music

How do I get back to the "music is playing in the background behind the library list" stage I was at before I clicked northsoutheastwest?
Press back on your remote or keyboard.
(2020-06-27, 10:02)Hitcher Wrote: [ -> ]Press back on your remote or keyboard.

Any way to do it with a mouse? (The HTPC has no keyboard)
Right click (twice).