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Full Version: Release 3.1.7
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29.06.2020 - Version 3.1.7
+ (movie) only show used genres in the genre filter
+ added fr_CA to scraper languages
x fixed detection of multipart files
x fixed displaying of h265/hevc logo
x fixed writing of h265/hevc to the NFO file
x improved handshake with opensubtitles
x (tmdb) stricter fallback language detection #897
x fixed deleting search results where title AND year are the same but the movie is different
Just tested with my Kodi skin (Nox Silvo) and it is recognizing HEVC/H265 movies correctly again, thanks for the fix.
Not any pressure, just informative: Are you working/planning on the option to use IMDB ratings when scanning series with the tvdb.com?