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Full Version: PseudoTV Live - BETA
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Blog & Discussion thread: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=346803

Preview Beta for Kodi Matrix:
Bugs will be present; System instability possible, but unlikely.

  • Kodi Matrix (Nightly)
  • Kodi's PVR & LiveTV configured the same as this screenshot. You're welcome to test different configurations, Please let me know if I can soften these requirements. 
  • Local Content ie. Local TV & Movies already scraped to Kodi's Library.
  • Willingness to supply debugging logs and constructive feedback.

Beta Tasks:
  • Download the preview beta:
  • Create 10 "Predefined Channels" (no more than 10 for easy log comprehension). THX
  • Configure Settings to your preferences, Verify "Debugging" is enabled under "Advanced". Be sure to also enable debugging in Kodi. https://kodi.wiki/view/Log_file/Easy
  • If you're using existing M3U/XMLTV files, please test "Import" in PTVL's settings.
  • Roughly 30s after creating a channel, your new channels will be available via EPG.
  • Use Kodi's EPG... Keep track of any issues experienced be it technical or general feedback.
  • Post all issues and feedback here: https://github.com/PseudoTV/PseudoTV_Live/issues
Thanks for participating!!

Known Issues:
  • Multiple PVR backends supported; However, you must set "Client Priorities"  under Kodis "PVR & LiveTV" settings. Follow directions below to clear gudedata after setting priority.
  • Blank EPG cells; Kodi's EPG data is malformed; Enter Kodis "PVR & LiveTV" settings, navigate to "Guide" and click "Clear data".
  • Context Menu may be unavailable while viewing EPG.  To enable go do Kodis "PVR & LiveTV" then "Guide" and changing the default select action to "show context menu".

General Information:
  • For "Multi-Room", A single instance of PseudoTV Live is needed. Under PseudoTV Live's settings "Options" change the file location to a shared path. On your client device install PseudoTV Live but do not configure, instead; configure IPTV Simple to use those files. All instances of Kodi must be configured for sharing. ie. Shared/Mapped Drives and mySQL DB.
  • After creating channels you'll find a folder called "logos" in the same directory selected in settings. Place custom logos here!! They will override logos PseudoTV Live has found for you. The image must be *.png and is case sensitive to the channel name.

Current Features:
  • Predefined Channels based on Kodi's library content categorized by; TV Shows, TV Networks, TV Genre, Movie Genre, Movie Studios, Mixed Genre.
  • Automatic Channel logos, sourced from Kodi resource packs.
  • Optional video overlay to display channel bug and other pending features.
  • "Play onDemand" context menu option to skip "Pseudo" Live content; for "onDemand" playback.
  • "Play from here" context menu option queue's channel as a playlist from any starting position.
  • Custom Channel grouping & Genre colors.
  • Third-Party M3U/XMLTV Importing
  • Efficient meta parsing & pagination. 
  • Media meta parsing for "accurate" duration data.
  • Option to save "accurate" (Parsed) duration meta to Kodi's database.
  • "on the fly" channel creation, with automated background building.
  • Ease of use; UI provided by Kodi's PVR interface.
  • Music Genre PVR "Radio" Channels

Pending Features:
* After Successful first-round beta.
  • Custom Channels ie. Plugins, UPNP, Nodes, Smartplaylists
* After Successful second-round beta.
  • Advanced Channel Rules (Excluding BCT's)
* After Successful third-round beta.
  • BCT (Bumpers, Commercials and Trailers) resource packs

Future Features:
* After Successful beta.
  • Overlay enhancement
  • User suggested features

Special thanks:
  • Team Kodi!! If you're enjoying this project please donate to Kodi!
  • @IAmJayFord for his awesome PseudoTV Live Icon/Fanart sets!
  • @phunkyfish  for his continued work and help with IPTV Simple.

  • Corrected on-demand playback issue
  • Moved channels.json to user-selected folder location to allow for multi-room configurations.
  • Improved Channel loading time.

  • Moved Predefined channels to channels.json config. (Persistent channel numbers).
  • BCT (Bumpers, Commercials, Trailers) injection added, currently supports Ratings bumper packs.
  • Refactoring background service, Improved channels management.

  • Added: "Play from here" to context menu options, starts a channel playlist from the position selected. Moved Files over to new file structure in preparation for second wave beta features.
  • Added: Pre-defined music genres for PVR Radio
  • Fixed: Misc. Channel building issues, optimized background service. Improved media interleaving. 
  • Playback Method: 
There are two playback methods 1). PVR Callback, 2). Playlist. PVR Callback will leave Kodi believing you're using the PVR backend. This gains you Channel logging, and on-screen visuals ie. channel number, etc...
Playlist exits Kodi's PVR system and queues the channel as a playlist. This gains you "slightly" faster loading between content; however, without the above-mentioned features.

  • Seek tolerance:
Adjusting seek tolerance (in seconds) adds a buffer at the beginning and end of media that is resumed for a "Pseudo" Live effect. The greater the number the more it ignores the time differential.
ex. If after a show ends your next show which should start at the bringing starting a few seconds into the future; due to a lag in loading time. Raising the seek tolerance well remedy this. Another use is for content that is about to end, maybe you tune to a channel with only a few seconds left for the previous show, instead of loading two seconds of credit; PseudoTV Live will tune the next show automatically.