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Full Version: Universal Artist Scraper and allmusic.com
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Hi Kodi-Techs,
I have encountered a problem when trying to scrape metadata from allmusic.com using the universal artist add-in.  When I add a new album or refresh an existing album using allmusic.com settings in the add-in to scrape mood, genre, theme, etc, the scraper returns no results.  The feature has been working in the past, but it now fails.  The album I am importing has MusicBrainz tags and the MB.com artist entry has an allmusic.com tag attached to it.

I have uploaded a log here, that tracks the refresh of an example artist that is failing.

Kodi is running on an XBox One with the latest updates; on Leia 18.7 and the add-ons are the latest version.


Thanks, Mark
Not sure what the issue was, but this now appears to be resolved