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Full Version: Concept MoKo-Lco
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Might better shuldnt have had a look at jurialmunkey's Arctic-Horizon. if i wouldnt, i guess it wouldnd cost me that much sparetime!

How ever, i did, and had an Idea about a Homescreendesign, and the inspiration forced me to give it a shot. So here is how it thurned out:

(Icon Navigation was already coded from an other project, the widget handling Idea here is new.)


Link to Video : https://streamable.com/bqke03
(if someone know how to emded a video hosted on "streamable", hint welcome!)

How ever, this mostlikeley wont make it in to a usable Skin. The reason to share this is mainly for inspirational prupose.

Looks awesome! Smile
Nice work!

I like the slide out submenu. I was toying with a similar idea in earlier versions of A:H but ended up deciding that the movement from the big slide animation was a bit disorientating, particularly if you were trying to wrap around to the other side of the widget.

The thin select box with the inner black border looks great too! Particularly with the squared corners and thin font style - obviously I personally tend towards a bit of a thicker weight to lines and fonts in general but I still think this looks really nice!