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Full Version: How many instances of Kodi are you running?
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The reason I’ve started this thread is because I’m wondering if other forum users have multiple instances of Kodi running like myself.

So for starters I have 5 instances running.

In the living room one pi connected to the TV and one connected to my audio amplifier headless for music only controlled by the Kodi remote on my iPhone!

One in the kitchen with a pi and touchscreen, for watching TV and playing music.

One in the bedroom connected to a projector with a hard drive with 3D blu ray rips (network on pi too slow as USB Pi4 no MVC yet)

Finally one on my PC which I use as a reference version which all the others are based on!

Ok your turn now!
2x PC in the "home office", 1x Laptop, 1x Nvidia Shield in the living room, 1x RPi4 on a retractable monitor in the bedroom. So that's 5 too.
I have many iterations on a local hard drive starting from back in the XBMC days, but only one or two operational at a time on the PC, then of course I have the Nvidia Shield, Raspberry pi, Wetek, MK808B Plus and a Mac Pro. (oops forgot my phone & tablet versions)  I use the shield for TV networked stuff, and the rest are usually used in trials and exploratory software.

Occasional I get lost in a remote control button wilderness, I have yet to graduate to some heavy programmable global controller.
@PatK how far do the XBMC instances go?? Nerdy me needs to know!!!!
I'm away from home.  i think at home I have for certain v. 13 running (and all since then) but I probably have Dharma installed somewhere.  Here on my laptop I have 17 different kodi installs.  Most are various Kodi 19 nightly or test builds.  I keep them around so if I have a problem in a nightly I can quickly compare to earlier ones.  Then, I have a skin development install that I don't like to update without testing separately (actually, one for 18 and one for 19).  And separate installs just to check out other skins to see what skinners are doing.  I don't like to get too many helper addons installed on Kodis that I use for my own stuff.

In Windows it's trivial to install many different Kodi versions.

scott s.
(2020-07-14, 18:10)tjay260476 Wrote: [ -> ]how far do the XBMC instances go
I keep XBMC 13.1 at my finger tips and current, (with local sources) but I suppose I could dredge up 'Dharma' from an archive somewhere, it's been an interesting journey.
3x RPi's, one in girls room, one in boys room and the last one in the kitchen.  These are all running v18.something.

1x HTPC in my bedroom.  Again running v18.6 I think.

1x PC in living room running v19 on main TV and feeding audio to AVR.  Also runs 1x dev build on a separate monitor with audio fed to headphone socket on PC.

All 6 of those are in daily use.

Then, there is an Android version of v19 on my phone for testing purposes, a laptop running Ubuntu 16.04 for backwards compatibility build testing, and a Windows laptop, again for testing purposes.  Probably some more laptops kicking around with older Kodi/XBMC installs on them if I go looking.
@scott967 I have made various installs in the past on my Windows machine, when a Kodi version goes Alpha, my Windows PC has one as does the bedroom Pi. (Has been known to use the spare pi for testing purposes)

The living room is most definitely the daily driver here. My only issue I had with testing v18 was that it worked perfectly so no reason to pull a debug log lol!

@PatK as someone who has been in and out of the HTPC game since 2003, yes agreed it has been very interesting indeed with the history and development of XBMP to present day!!
2 x Nvidia Shields(Livingroom/Bedroom).
3 x rpi zero w (Kitchen,Office,Master Bath) - Custom smart display
1 x rpi gen 1 (Spare room)
1 x rpi 3 (Headless Server)
2x kodi 18.8 on s905 amlogic generics
2x kodi 18.8 on Odroid N2
2x kodi 19 Alpha on Windows
2x kodi 18/19 on Android (5,10)
Plus some adhoc/test instances
5 kodis are used by me
Got 5 running at any given time right now. 

1x Master bedroom
1x Living room
1x My desktop computer (both linux and windows have it installed with dual boot) with a dedicated screen for it.
1x My parents house across the yard

The 5th is headless in an LXD container. That one is mostly for experimentation with scripts and kodi-send. Also can use as an audio player > a remote pulse server. Still fiddling.

We have a spot for one in the guest room as well but that has pretty much become light storage these days so it hasn't been turned on in some time.

The above also each have their own video databases depending on location. Guest room is it's own. Master bedroom / living room / my desktop / lxd container all share one. And finally my parents have their own as well.
Seems to me that 5 is the magic number when it comes to Kodi instances :lol
3x osmc instances, one behind every TV
13 Kodi
3 HDHR Primes (9 tuners)

2x Living room (PI HDMI > TV> 50 foot HDMI from TV to AVR) in-wall/ceiling speakers & in-wall sub. Second Pi headless with HiFi Berry DAC/RCA.  
2x Guest bedrooms (LG 55" 4k WebOS) CEC/ARC, LG SKM5Y 2.1 Sound bar's (NEW)
1x Master bedroom (PI HDMI > TV> 50 foot HDMI from TV to AVR) in-wall/ceiling speakers & in-wall sub 
1x Master bathroom/closet, in-wall 7" touch, HiFi Berry Digi, 30 foot Toslink cable to AVR (8" in-ceiling sub & dual voice coil speakers POE powered
1x Master bedroom hallway, in-wall 7" touch, HiFi Berry Digi, 30 foot Toslink cable to AVR (Whole house Music & RTSP cam stream) POE powered 
1x Main hallway, in-wall 7" touch, HiFi Berry Digi, 30 foot Toslink cable to AVR (Whole house Music & RTSP cam stream) POE powered 
1x Kitchen, in-wall 7" touch, HiFi Berry Digi, 30 foot Toslink cable to AVR (Whole house Music & RTSP cam stream) POE powered 
2x Laptops
1x RV (Roadtrek Sprinter)
1x Toyota truck w/ Android HU (Not used much)
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