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Full Version: Wiki Cleanup
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The Kodi wiki is receiving a great deal of TLC.

The aim is:
  • Reduce the wiki to a somewhat manageable size
  • Remove as much irrelevant and outdated information as possible
  • Remove bloat and complexity that hopefully makes the wiki easier to search and use, which might encourage more editors to contribute to a less daunting wiki.

What is being done?
  1. With over 400+ Categories in the wiki, it no longer became a quick method to find topics. Most Categories will be deleted
  2. Unused Templates will be deleted
  3. How-To articles are being cleaned out for actual How-To articles
  4. The wiki is being detangled- The 3,100+ redirects that accumulated over the last 12 years are being severely reduced to as minimal number as possible
  5. Outdated and obsolete pages are being archived
  6. Empty (or pages of no use) are being purged
  7. Other work that is incidental to the above

Work has already started. If you :
  • have any suggestions or issues,
  • are aware of outdated/obsolete pages that should be removed
  • believe something has been done that was better left alone
please post in this thread. 

For this to work as planned we need your help to update pages. Please consider becoming a wiki editor to help keep the remaining pages current.

Due to the removal of a vast number of pages and redirects, arriving at the Wiki from a search engine may land you on an empty page.
Please use the wiki Search Box in the upper right corner of the page to search. It may take a while for search engines to update their results.
These addons (both mine) will not be updated (by me, anyway) - for Kodi Matrix, so these pages can probably be archived, if that's a thing:

...but I don't know how much of that is automatically generated / dealt with etc.  So just an FYI...
Thanks @bossanova808

XSqueeze is not in any of the repos and I assume it is marked as broken? As you have detailed information on the page I'll move it to Archive, rather than deleting it.
(edit- Moved here... https://kodi.wiki/view/Archive:XSqueeze )

XZen is still in the repos from Gotham to Leia and I assume still working, so it can remain until you mark it broken.
@Karellen - XSqueeze was only ever in my own repo as it included binaries with it...but archived is the best spot for it for sure.

XZen - fine - it still works for those version, but will not for later...so I guess it just won't come up for those ones or be automatically marked broken.
@Karellen as I already have a wiki account I’m more than willing to help prune stuff, as I feel I’m in a much better place to help
(2020-07-16, 19:08)tjay260476 Wrote: [ -> ]I’m more than willing to help prune stuff, as I feel I’m in a much better place to help
Sure, that sounds great.

I am currently working on redirects. There were 3,100+ redirects and that has been pruned down to around 1,000 but I am still working on it. I am expecting that to reduce to a couple of hundred only. Next step is the content pages.

Your choice where you want to start.
List of redirects here... https://kodi.wiki/view/Special:ListRedirects
List of content pages here... https://kodi.wiki/view/Special:AllPages (titles in italics are redirect pages)

Let me know which one you prefer then I can explain what to do.
I’ve just had a look on the wiki regarding those pages, without sounding a noob, what was the original intention of the redirects, I know what they do obviously, but have no clue the why!

I don’t mind which to look at first though
(2020-07-17, 21:29)tjay260476 Wrote: [ -> ]I know what they do obviously, but have no clue the why!
When an item is known by two common names like, say, Movie Sets and Movie Collections, you would choose one page to host your content, the other page will redirect users to the content page. So no matter which search term is used, they end up on the same page.

Unfortunately previous editors were over-generous with their use of redirects which caused us to end up with silly situations like in the image below. This has the effect of cluttering up search results. The only redirect needed on that page is Nightly build.

What worsens this situation is when other pages link to the redirect page instead of the correct content page, so there is a tangle of links. So deleting the redirect requires untangling the links and pointing them away from the redirect page and to the correct content page so the redirect page can be deleted.


Also I have realised that you do not have delete permissions on the wiki which is for admins and bureaucrats only, but you could help untangle the links if you are still interested.
Yes I am interested in doing that still.
Those is mine: https://kodi.wiki/view/TextureTool

should be updated and i keep it up2date Smile
Thanks @supp I fixed a broken link a few weeks ago, other than that it looks good and I won't interfere with it Smile
@Karellen can you explain why the Chromebox wiki page was removed? It spanned hardware from 2014 up to 2018, all of which is still in use by thousands of users. Yet a similar page for the Intel NUC (which includes even older hardware from 2012) is still up.
Hi @Matt Devo

The page is in Archive and still accessible... https://kodi.wiki/view/Archive:Chromebox

I archived the page for a number of reasons-
1. Page is flagged as updated for v16, which means it is 2 versions out of date.
2. There have been no meaningful updates in 15 months.
3. The latest model seems to be circa 2018.
4. We are not a hardware retailer.

As for the Intel NUC page, simple answer is that I have not got to it yet. I will within the next few weeks, depending on how much free time I have to work on the wiki.

What are your intentions and what would you like me to do?
(2020-08-24, 07:36)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]Hi @Matt Devo

The page is in Archive and still accessible... https://kodi.wiki/view/Archive:Chromebox

didn't realize that, good enough for me. A redirect wouldn't hurt though Smile
Cool, let me know if I can help anywhere.

I did the last major Wiki cleanup adding all the icons, simplifying the developer sections and writing the How-To articles.
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