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Full Version: Replace the TVBox with Kodi
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Here I am back with a brand new concept that doesn't have a name yet. The goal of this concept is to permanently replace my TV box with Kodi. So I made a big effort on the TV part (alerts, TV by genre, etc ...) and as for my first skin, no script is necessary, everything is based on the xml language used by Kodi. The films part is already well advanced, the information window is still a draft to be able to access the rest and for the tests.

Updated on 08/02/2020

- Demonstration of the videos, series and video information part.

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I really liked waiting for a beta.
Nice to see that you're back.
I'm looking forward to this new skin you're developing.
Very nice and different look.
Such a beautiful skin!
will  be available for Dark Mode?
Holy shit ! This looks tremendous.
Looks awesome!
Reminds me of Nebula.
(2020-07-18, 08:46)ontap Wrote: [ -> ]Holy shit ! This looks tremendous.

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That looks slick! Guess it'll run on matrix too as it doesn't depend upon any scripts.
Hello everyone and already thank you for your comments.
I continued to work on the TV part "Program by genre" which allows you to see in real time what is currently on TV by genre (film, series, cartoon, etc ...).
It was not easy because Kodi absolutely does not process this kind of data from the EPG and it was therefore necessary to find tricks to arrive at the hoped result.
Here is a demo of the operation, it allows to create 10 categories of genres and for each category 20 sub categories all completely customizable from any EPG provider.
The keyboard window is not yet coded so when I enter a category title it looks a bit messy but it's to show how it works.

(2020-07-19, 13:03)black_eagle Wrote: [ -> ]That looks slick! Guess it'll run on matrix too as it doesn't depend upon any scripts.
Hello, I may have expressed myself poorly, what I wanted to say is that no script external to Kodi is necessary (script.skin.helper.service or script.embuary.helper, etc.). The skin itself should be compatible but the PVR extension will of course have to be compatible for everything to work.
Any chance of having 21:9 support? Big Grin
agreed with all the praise above, that is a real impressive design!
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