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Full Version: Screen flickers like crazy when kodi is fullscreen on screen#2 and a program is on #1
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Microsoft just released an update that fix this issue:

July 31, 2020—KB4568831 (OS Build 19041.423)

Is there someone from Microsoft reading this forum?  Smile

Tested with single monitor and multi-monitor and no flickers anymore even with previous Kodi HDR versions (without workaround).

The update must appear as optional in Windows Update but it can also be downloaded here:
https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com...=KB4568831   (pick x64 Windows 10 NO Server download)
Can confirm that updates fixes the problems for me, thanks for linking it.
I am, and I will test this on sunday.
Thanks for info.
This has irritated me for a while..
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