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Full Version: Android 10 TV BOX with Allwinner H616 cpu and Kodi 18.8 update?
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Hello specialists,

I just received my brand new 6K TV BOX with Allwinner H616 cpu and it came with Kodi 18.6 pre-installed, today July 30, 2020 Google Play store is giving me an update to version 18.7, the latest 18.8 is not even offered.  

If tried to find it on the official Kodi.tv download site with no avail for this cpu.

Any ideas if it is been produced or it will not be made for this cpu?

Thanks a lot
yes, use the android arm or arm64 version
(2020-07-31, 07:09)wsnipex Wrote: [ -> ]yes, use the android arm or arm64 version

Thanks a lot wsnipex, for an unknown understanding of my part, this new box is supposed to be a 64-bits cpu but it only took the arm-v7 version of 18.8.. Trying to update with arm64 results in a "appk was not installed" message...!

Anyways, it is working fine now.
then you are running 32bit android, which is quite common on cheap/no name boxes