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Full Version: Fanart and Poster images fail to populate.
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90% of movie posters and fanart links are dead. Selecting Choose Art, almost all of the links down the left side are all broken. Was true in the version before 18.8 as well. I just figured it would be fixed in the next release.

1. Version of Kodi: 18.8.0
2. Windows Version + Service Pack version: 10 Build 19041 (2004) 64bit
3. CPU/Architecture: Intel Core I7-8700 6core 12thread 64bit
4. RAM amount: 16GB
5. Detailed Instructions to reproduce the Problem: Simply select "Choose Art" on any title. Most links just show a generic icon and produce a black square when selected.
6. Details of all devices relevant to the problem: No specific devices needed.
7. FULL Debug Log: https://paste.kodi.tv/asotafiqif.kodi
A few months ago TheMovieDB completed a mass purge of artwork from their site. A search of the forum will find the other posts.

Check themoviedb To see if artwork is still available for your titles.