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Full Version: subtitles fonts - xpr to raw ??
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im searching around the forums to find a way to create a font to my need's
(i need hebrew font for subtitles and bigger then what i have found)

so all i see is take the fontbundle , make a new font with it, k .. all done , i got my new ariel font size 28 i need , build into xpr file....
now what ? how do i change it into raw file , or whatever i need to use it as subtitle font ...
Sad no one.... Huh
these are only a couple of the existing threads i found when i did a quick search for "font", i'm sure you can find more if you search:
thx for replay... but like i wrote , i already made the xpr fonts..... and already read those posts you gave me , nothing there about using them as subtitle fonts .... in subtitles the fonts are .raw files .... so i realy dont know what are they , or how to convert.... in xbmc we just took tft font and used it ...
movies and subtitles are built on mplayer, which is a unix gpl media viewer. they took the source, compiled it (or use the regular dll version for windows), and operate it from the xbmc gui.
so what you need to do is go to the mplayer homepage at www.mplayerhq.hu and look for tools for creating your own font. then you install them in the mplayer/font directory, and
select the one you want in xbmc settings|screen|subtitles.

once you have the fonts, post them in sourcefourge where they put the patches.

however, they added a feature to resize the subtitles in the build from 2004-5-21.