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Full Version: Entire movie folder fails to scrape
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I recently re-scraped my entire library of movies/shows. I am using Win 10 with Kodi 18.8/MySQL. However, all the movies in one folder will not scrape. I tried both Universal Movie scraper and TMD with the same results. I have deleted the source and cleaned database and re-added and retried, but it is just adamant. Kodi goes through the motion of scanning movie by movie but when I go to the folder, I see no artwork downloaded and the movies are left with native name (not replaced by library name). Source has the recursive scan flag checked. Please see the log attached. 

How about a little clue, like which folder? Do you mean "hindi_1979"?

I would wonder if the scraper is misinterpreting it as a movie itself due to the naming. As a first test try renaming the folder to just "hindi" and see if that scrapes the content, as the date there may be confusing things.

Also check that the flag for "contains a single movie" (or something like that) isn't set for the folder.
I renamed hindi_1979 to hindi and it scraped fine. Then renamed to hindi-1979 and worked fine. So something with this folder name. My all other folders are like hindi_1989, _1999 and they all worked fine. Something is not right with hindi_1979. Well, another Kodi quirk I learned today. Thanks.