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Full Version: PVR info page title multi-line
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Any one know how to change the PVR recording info page to show the recording title to have multi-line ?
was trying to find those xml files but still no clue... thank you ...
attached the kodi screenshot below, the line within the red box

also attached the tvheadend screenshot,  the epg also stupid, have a very long line input in the title.

thats why i want to have the recording epg full story can be shown at kodi, thanks again !
Finally found it at Includes_PVR.xml , somewhere with "<label>$VAR[SeasonEpisodeLabel]$INFO[ListItem.EpisodeName]</label>"

But seem thats no option to handle show as multi-line for the episode name, is it not control by xml file ?

Thank you.

for reference, i just put the episodename to plot section and show it together.

Also for my record,


            <control type="textbox">
                <autoscroll delay="10000" time="3000" repeat="10000">Skin.HasSetting(AutoScroll)</autoscroll>