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Full Version: A way to rapidly rename folders/files to match pattern.
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I've read through the wiki and have browsed my different shows on TMDB and found the names/patterns.  However during this process, I spent several hours messing with Powershell tutorials but none of them were specific and I figured there had to be something here for renaming a folder's content to coincidence with the database's metadata pattern.

My problem is though, to rename the shows, I need to tell the script I'm running WHICH shows happen to be episode 1, and so on, so it can rename them to the appropriate pattern sequentially.  I tried running a script I ran made for Kodi to do this but it was a few years old and I didn't have good luck.  Just checking to see if there is an easier way.
I use Sonarr for TV and Radarr for Movies.  Its great, you can rename an entire series in one go and its customisable.