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Full Version: How do I just a simple game up and running?
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I have Super Mario Bros, with emulator and runs fine on windows, however, I would like to launch it from Kodi so I don't need to reach for my mouse and keyboard, but I am completely lost on how to use the new game-addons. I am trying to read the posts and instructions, but they are super complicated to follow with links going back and forth.

Is there any instruction that is like step 1... step 2..... Without lots of ifs and buts. 

(I previously ran in a Pi and I got it up and running both Kodi and game emulator and I could switch between, not without effort but there were instructions I could follow).
Hi Tiger75,

These guides definitely exist, but they're hard to find. I would appreciate research that surfaces such guides, even old out-of-date ones. When I see the available guides, I can get a sense of the most confusing and difficult parts, and build upon our work to enable the holy grail of just getting a "simple game up and running". Please contribute links to the guides you find that don't eliminate all confusion.