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Full Version: mysterious disappearing playlist items
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Ok this might be a weird one. Often times I like to sleep with a TV show on shuffle. Let's say There's Company for this example. All 8 seasons get added to a playlist (that's almost 100 hours of tv show, WAY MORE than enough for one nights sleep). There are many times that I will wake up in the middle of the night and decide to watch a little bit. Some times when I do this, the episode that was on when I woke up will end and then just start playing again. When I go to check the playlist, suddenly the episode I am watching is the only thing in there, despite the fact that just 2 or 3 hours earlier had added 100 hours worth of show. It's absolutely driving me nuts. It almost ALWAYS happens with my There's Company files but NEVER Bob's Burgers for example. Is it possible that some weird decoding error is causing the playlist to blank out?