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Full Version: Missing Confluence from skin download/selection
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I just updated a familymembers box from kodi 17.6 to kodi 18.8 (libreelec) and noticed the skin was set back at estuary. So i chose get more skins, and wanted to install confluence like always except confluence is nowhere to be found in the list of availible skins.

Recently (few weeks ago) i also updated my own box to 18.8 and it just started in confluence like always

Any ideas?
(2020-09-01, 17:34)terrestrial Wrote: [ -> ] 
I solved my own problem! The add-on "confluence" turned out to be disabled probably because it was not compatible for some reason, then i updated to version 4.6.9 and then it was compatible again and i turned it on and chose it.. Now everything works again.  Pffew, that was a close call.
Thread marked solved.