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Full Version: Movie scraper failing only recently.
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I had no issue with scraping before the last week or so. I did move my mariadb to another host with a full dump and import and it's been working just fine in every other way. However scraping movies just isn't happening. As the log shows there is no change in the movies folder. However if I go to Videos > Files > movies source list I can find the new file and scan it manually to the database and it works just fine. Have had this trouble with the last 6 or 7 movies. I'm assuming I will have similar issues with tv shows.

Including another log that shows music scraping happened properly. Movie scraping failed, then manually scraped successfully by going through the menus.

*EDIT* Also wanted to note that I have multiple video databases going for various locations. Wife and I have one, one for guest room, and one for my folks across the way. All share the same problem and have been requiring manual scraping of new movies.
You have a lot of errors in your Music database. You state that you have many databases going at the same time. Is it possible they are conflicting...
ERROR: SQL: [ourmusic72] Undefined MySQL error: Code (1062)

As for your video database, not a lot is revealed. I see a quick scan of the following paths that "does not exist", but no scanning of any sources that do exist.

I then see you Refresh 127 Hours and that path to the movie was not scanned. Are you certain your Sources are correctly set?
I haven't changed them in a couple years now. I have a separate video db for each group. Wife and I, guest room, my parents. 3 total video dbs. Allows us all to share the same files while maintaining our separate watched / progress markers. We all share a common music library though. I am doing this on my Windows computer now. Was doing it on my Linux network boot. That hasn't changed, although the Kodi folder is copied from that .kodi folder save 1 or 2 files in the Kodi\userdata\Database folder.

Got a few more movies tonight at the swap meet. I'll post tomorrow with results. I will rip them on Windows then do the library scanning on Linux. If it works, then it's something here on Windows. If not, then I'm totally lost and can only suspect something didn't go right with the sql host migration. But that is a stretch as it seems to work fine save the video scanning.
Finished them last night. The movies in the main /snapraid/pool/video/movies source failed to scan on Kodi launch and were added manually. However one movie I placed in another source did add itself straight away on launch. We keep an extra folder for content just for the wife and I in our house. We have that source active, no one else does.